Loan Process
IRECC is a full service commercial mortgage company.  Our combination of market knowledge, experience, historical performance, and vast lending resources provides a unique market advantage for our Clients.  Our Consultants are dedicated to working hand in hand with you, the Client, until your request is complete and funded.  Our Analysts perform processes from pre-underwriting to due diligence, always keeping your best interest in mind.

Complete our online loan application or contact one of our consultants to quickly describe your request.  Upon review and acceptance of your loan application, we will arrange a meeting.  We then gather all pertinent information and analyze the loan request in house.  Before engagement, we will meet with you to demonstrate preliminary terms that we feel are viable for you.  Upon  your acceptance, we engage and diligently start creating a package to be submitted to various contacts IRECC has made over the years.  Our long-term relationships with our lenders allow us to tailor each package specifically to their requirements.  Many times upon receiving the required information, we can have a preliminary answer for you in as little as the next business day.