Loan Types
IRECC provides a secure Marketplace for financing qualified income-producing clients that have properties valued at a minimum of $1 million, that are not single-family residences, agricultural facilities, or government facilities. IRECC provides a quality market-workup to both pre-construction and exiting properties. This type of dynamic funding is alternative for investors and developers seeking new types of capital.

The following section describes the specific projects and property types qualified to participate in the IRECC process. It also describes the loan structures provided by qualified lenders. Simple select a property type below to view the loan products. If you do not see the financing type you require, or have a question about the process, please contact IRECC. The descriptions below are intended to familiarize you with products available within the Marketplace. Actual lender quotes will be market driven.

•   Conventional •   Business Loans
•   Mezzanine Loan •   Bridge Loan